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problemNL Medicine – LOCATORplus [info]
problemHELKA – OPAC [info]
problemГПНТБ России – KATB [info]
problemНБ СПбГУ – Сводный каталог [info]
problemВГБИЛ – Каталог Книги [info]
problemВГБИЛ – Каталог Периодика [info]
problemГПНТБ России – SVOD [info]
problemMSU SL – Books since 1990 [info]
problemMSU SL – Magazin since 2004 [info]
problemRSL – OPAC [info]
problemNL Australia – OPAC [info]
problemNL Scotland – General Collections [info]
problemNL Scotland – Manuscripts [info]
problemNL Scotland – Scottish Bibliographies Online [info]
problemNL Scotland – Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT) [info]
problemNL Scotland – Bibliography of the Scots Language (BOSLAN) [info]
problemNL Scotland – Union Catalogue of Art Books in Libraries in Scotland (UCABLIS) [info]
problemNL Poland – OPAC [info]
problemRoyal L, NL Sweden – LIBRIS - Swedish Union Catalog [info]
problemICCU – ICCU [info]
problemMSU SL – Textbooks [info]
problemBNQ – OPAC [info]
problemБИК.Финуниверситет – Основной каталог [info]
problemБИК.Финуниверситет – Книги Киб [info]

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